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About me:
~ Call me Meg/Keiko-chan, in my 20's but behave like a seven year old kid with an intellectual maturity of your grandmother. Yes, childlike if you might say.
~ I'm from the Philippines, so I could only understand two languages: Filipino and English though I could comprehend Japanese a little, so please do use either of the two languages on your comments.
~ I like reading a lot, from classic to contemporary. I literally stick my nose to a book whenever I am, well that's when I'm not blogging. My favorite writes are: Jane Austen; empowered women+romance is the reason why I love her novels, Paolo Coelho; his word play in all of his books are impressive, Khaled Hosseini; his writings would open your mind and take you to a place in reality that you could never imagine.
~ Aside from reading, I love writing; poems and articles are ones I mostly write.
~ I'm a clean freak; disorganized things make me sick.
~ And the most important thing that you need to know is "I'm MOODY"

~ This journal is both for personal and fandom.
~ Created years after watching Hanazakari, I'm a Toma baited fan, but you can only find two post regarding him.
~ Now addicted to ARASHI particularly Ninomiya Kazunari; I simply love him in all different angles.
~ I flail over Jun sometimes too, especially his short hair.
~ Arashi posts are either public or locked after a few days.
~ I don't add empty journal, unless I often talk to you around lj. 

My Communities:
~  [ profile] artemis_file101 arashi related files (raw/subbed)
~  [ profile] ouano_niji graphics community (various artists).
~  [ profile] kiroii_niji a Nino flailing community. 
~  [ profile] lucky7team Lucky Seven drama community.

* If after reading, you still feel I'm worth to be added then go ahead. 

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Matsumiya in matching tuxedo...kyaaa~ and what's really adorabe is the extremity - Sexy J and Cutiepie Kazu. I just want to squish them together in every possible way. You know that feeling of an uncontrolable feeling of wanting to hug, kiss, bite, squeeze someone because you find them so damn endearing and cute, in Filipino gigil. Uber gigil at matsumiya, [ profile] nekoshoujo I need cure. 

Sorry to my f-list for posting too much matsumiya for the past couple of days...can't help loving these two with all the crazyily addicting photoshoots they have. 

edit: I saw this on tumblr just awhile ago...

Aw Nino-kun a tear for his J.
gif not mine

My family and Arashi...

...some of you may have read my previous posts about my secret plan of making my family like Arashi as much as I do - from my sister, cousins, to parents. Now my 7 year old niece is budding fan, and she's a Jun-baited, not Nino's but hey who would agrue. This is how it goes, whenever a member-moth arrives I make and change my desktop wallpaper - my little token of celebrating their birthday in my own little way. When my aniki visit us over the weekend with my two nieces (7 and 6), they usually hog the laptop - no complains I love those girls, and they know exactly how to use it (no deleteling of any files even when they accidentally download something). Upon arriving they immediate ask to open the laptop for them to play on-line games, usually a dora the explorer game (they love her), so my aniki ablige right away to avoid any unnecessary noise (crying). I'm sleepily staring at them nursing my lazy behind on the floor in front of the TV, and to my surprise my 7 year-old nice turned to me asking "Mama (when they are surprised they call everyone mama), what new are you watching? Matsujun?" and points at the desktop - all sleepiness escaped me and went to them. After that she asks what new drama I am watching starring Jun, but I can't still make her watch Lucky Seven or any drama just yet so they are stuck with VSA for now *lols* though we always have to skip the talking and just watch everyone play games - they are fasinated with rolling coin tower, "cool" is their word of description the higher it gets.

Well that's it for now, until the next My family and Arashi adventure.

Arashi for the WIN!!!

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When boredom strikes - flail over matsumiya.

I have nothing to do today, no what I really mean is I'm lazy to do anything today. Feeling lazy to continue writing a long overdue fiction ([ profile] gemmiesky my suppose Sunday or Monday target never did come) and don't want to continue translating 24htv sp drama *boo*. I can't even put myself to write a proper post for this rant *sigh*

lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy~

I probably should just eat like my icon, though I want J to feed me too *more sigh*.

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Sorry i just can't help it when I saw this photo (Nino's gaze...) I need my inner fan-girl win *wink~


☆ I'm sorry for the randomness of this post...need some entertainment at the moment.

gif  © 5-nin-de-arashi
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STAND UP STAND UP for One OK Rock!!!

The Beginning (OST - Rurouni Kenshin)
Just give me a reason 
To keep my heart beating 
Don’t worry it’s safe right here in my arms 
As the world falls apart around us 
All we can do is hold on, hold on 
Take my hand 
And bring me back 
I risk everything if it’s for you 
I whisper into the night 
Telling me it’s not my time and don’t give up 
I’ve never stood up before this time 
Demo yuzurenai mono itta kono te wo hanasanai 
So stand up, stand up (Just gotta keep on running) 
Wake up, wake up (Just tell me how I can) 
Never give up 
Kuru wa shimi hodo setsunai 
Just tell me why baby 
They might call me crazy 
For saying I’d fight until there is no more 
Fureri wo fukunda senkougankou wa kankakiteki shoudou 
Blinded, I can’t see the end 
So where do I begin? 
Say another word, I can't hear you 
The silence between us 
Nanimo nai you ni utsuteru dake 
I take this chance that I make you mine 
Tada kakusenai mono kattate yori misekakete 
So stand up, stand up (Just gotta keep on running) 
Wake up, wake up (Just tell me how I can) 
Never give up 
Kanashimi to setsunasa 
Just give me a reason 
To keep my heart beating 
Don’t worry it’s safe right here in my arms 
Kudaketenaide saite jita kono omoi wa 
So blinded I can’t see the end 
Look how far we made it 
The pain i can’t escape it 
Kono mamajya mada owarase koto wa dekinai deshou 
Nando kutabarisou demo kuchi hateyou tomo owariwanaisa 
So where do I begin? 
Nigirishimeta ushinawanu youni to 
Te wo hirogereba koboreochisou de 
Ushinau mono nado nakatta hibino dasei wo sutete…kimi wo 
Just tell me why baby 
They might call me crazy 
For saying I’d fight until there is no more 
Fureri ukanda senkougankou wa kangakiteki shoudou 
Blinded, I can’t see the end 
Look how far we made it 
The pain i can’t escape it 
Kono mamajya mada owaraseru koto wa dekinai deshou 
Nando kutabarisou demo kuchi hateyou tomo owariwanaisa 
It finally begins..

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Power just got back *relief* we literally live in the dark and it's not alright at all. 

☆ I'm taking part of the fund-raising project for the habagat victims at [ profile] je_philippines to help my fellow Filipinos who have taken much worse than I do for the past few days. We are in need of so much help to provide for the families who have lost their homes and love ones during the flood brought by a Southeast Monsoon (Habagat) for last Tuesday, August 7, 2012. 

☆ You can send in your request to me here (graphics and sub video)

☆ All donations will go to the Red Cross Philippines, which the volunteers will be using to buy food, medicine, and other items for the victims in evacuation centers in the Philippines. If you want to donate to them directly, you may do so by clicking here

☆ We are aiming for as much help we can gather. 

☆ The fund-raising will end on September 7, 2012, 11:59pm, Philippine time. If you are outside the Philippines, you can convert your time here

☆ For more information you can check-out [ profile] je_philippines and or for other request you want. 

Thank You!
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While having lunch with my parents, I had my laptop on and was watching VSA (Kika knight F/Bet de Arashi segment)
mom: Are those Korean?
me: Nope, Japanese.
mom: "Bakit ang gwapo?" (Why are they handsome  - camera was focused on Nino) *for some unknown reason my mom thinks it's impossible for Japanese to have a handsome face, on her defense she only sees Japanese comedian actors on tv.
me: Of course mom *roll eyes*, they are Japanese idols not comedians.

My father just non-nonchalantly continued eating, until the Kicking Sniper part - where one of the comedians (Himura-san) got a perfect score. *my father has this nick for people you does great with soccer/football/basketball etc.
When the new segment then shotgun disc part already, both my parents were highly amused by how Sho-kun was catching the discs brilliantly, and all the more when both Ohno and Jun were shooting the disc down (mostly Jun) leaving the opponents garnering less points than Arashi. 

father: The shooters are really doing a good job. - At this point I'm no longer paying attention to what were watching and just observing the reaction of my parents, and well telling them what everyone were saying in Japanese;  subs are too small for my father to read. 

mom: they were throwing the disc too fast (opponents) which leaves the receiver less time to adjust his position
 My father being technical with all sports (bound hockey part - Aiba was the getter/goalscorer). 
papa: The passes were great, how come he can get the goals? (yeah Aiba-shii totally disappointed my father, but made him laugh when he imitated Rambo (Sylvester Stallone- my moms crush when she was younger) ).
Well there's no point in this post, merely want to write how I feel nice that my parents can actually enjoy Arashi as much as I did, and surprised me when he mentioned that Arashi was the regular players of that show - he can actually recognize them now. I mean before everyone looks all the same in his eyes no matter how much I pointed out who's who every time I watch the concert and other tv shows. Go Papa! next time will watch something very interesting again. 


Aug. 3rd, 2012 08:06 pm
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It's been a long time since I updated this journal, anyone still reading?

There's nothing special about this, unless you find my boring life interesting. So I got a new hair cut, after a long time of wearing it long, and to be honest I didn't really plan to cut it too short but the hair stylist seem to refuse to cut my hair to the length that I wanted. Okay, he's not being an a** it's just that you really go there for professional opinion on the whatnot of having your hair suit you (shape of your face, etc), and how it happened actually funny...

me: I want a full bangs... 

stylist smiling and gently touching my hair...

me: ...and just trim the ends (-of my hair).

stylist lets go of my hair and look like I've offended him. "You're too thin to have a long hair" and being all suggestive that I should wear it short. 

me thinking whether I should actually cut it short again, yeah I had it cut way too short before - shorter that my hair now. And after a few more convincing from the stylist, my aunt, and cousin, I walk out of the salon with less hair than I intended to. 

* Just noticed I seem to be eating/drinking in both picture ^__^. 


original image from tumblr ll edited by me

I am catching up with all Nino and Arashi moments. How do you find his new hair?

I'm crazy over his blonde hair, but I am always into his short hair and having him cut them short just makes me all the crazier XD. I don't know from which mag was the first picture - I think it's a photo taken before he had his hair dyed brown. 

Have tones to download and watch, especially AnShi episode with Kanjani8; spoilers all over tumblr which makes me want to watch it all the more. Especially this....

laugh my ass off :D (gif by ninobleep)

Me want a new icon or wallpaper, but bored to do so (scan by rainbow-pursuits)

*On a boring but annoying note, last time I check on the poll posted at arama Nino is on the top 5 fugliest JE - me shocked and goes back to fail over him. 

  • All old posts of this journal have been private already. Some of the links of my files have been removed already and I don't feel like checking all of them on which works or not, also I'm thinking of transferring my files on another community and make this purely for my own randomness, which leads me to give all f-list to think of keeping me or not - you may remove me already, I won't take it personally. 

I'm off to have my supper - trying to gain weight. See yah!